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Glassine Release Paper

Glassine release paper is a kind of release paper which is made after silicon rubber is coated on the original glassine paper. (sticker used as the base paper)

It has some transparency, a high paper density and stiffness, smooth surface, stable peel strength and a good high-temperature resistance.

Glassine Release Paper

This kind of release paper is widely used for packaging in the food industry and as anti-sticky liner in tag and label industries.

Technical Parameters

Colors White, Light Yellow, Light Blue.
Grammage 65g/m2-90g/m2
Thickness 0.06-0.09mm
Release force 8-10g/25mm
Temperature resistance ≤170°
Width 1030mm/1092mm
Length 3000m-8000m

Hangzhou Guanglian Complex Paper Co., Ltd. is a professional coater of paper and fabric in China. We primarily offer a variety of silicone coated paper and nonwoven, which is widely used in label, medical, food and other industry as an anti-sticky agent. We possess 17 years' experience of producing, selling and serving. Our company's products have been exported to European countries, Southeast Asia, East Asia and Australia.
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