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Baking Cup Paper

This product is made when one side or both sides of baking cup paper is coated by silicon so that the paper is smooth and easy to separate. As a result, the formed baking cup is easy to separate from the cake. It is mainly used for producing baking cups in catering industry.

Features of Baking Cup Paper:
1. Relatively good resistance to heat, humidity, grease, etc.
2 Guaranteed quality: it is produced from pure wood pulp and completely complies with FDA standard

Baking Cup Paper

Hangzhou Guanglian Complex Paper Co., Ltd. is a professional coater of paper and fabric in China. We primarily offer a variety of silicone coated paper and nonwoven, which is widely used in label, medical, food and other industry as an anti-sticky agent. We possess 17 years' experience of producing, selling and serving. Our company's products have been exported to European countries, Southeast Asia, East Asia and Australia.
If you nedd baking cup paper, please contact now, we are pleased to provide you a perfect anti-sticky solution.

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